A: Yay…our brag moment!

At the risk of a tongue-lashing…we’re bold enough to declare that My Daily Chai is the healthiest chai in the world!  

Has this been verified by studious, white-coated scientists? Nope…but we do trust our hormone-raging taste-testers who love that all our blends are:

100% Organic

100% Vegan

100% Natural

100% Plant Based

100% Aussie Made & Owned


We also like bragging that My Daily Chai has:

NO Caffeine

NO Sweeteners 

NO Gluten

NO Dairy

NO Additives

ALL Good Stuff


A: We hear you…My Daily Chai is a nasties-free zone.

As for adaptogens…it’s an intriguing tale that started over 5000 years ago in an ancient royal court. Long before corrupt additives started destroying food and robbing bodies of nutrients. 

Once reserved for Chinese royalty and consumed by Vikings and Cosmonauts, adaptogens are non-toxic herbs and roots that help your body adapt to environmental and psychological stresses. 

And they’re smart. Because Adaptogens have something called a “nonspecific response in the body,” they have a canny way of figuring out what you need. 

Let’s say you’re desperate for more energy…bam they toss some your way. Maybe you crave a little calm…zzz, along it comes. Each adaptogen is a hero of a different outcome, which is why we’re very specific about which ones to use in our blends.

A: Totally get that your bestie is trying to protect you from bogus claims.

And because each 100% organic ingredient has a long list of super-powers, it does suggest mystical intervention. Rest assured, all My Daily Chai ingredients are sourced from ethical, sustainable and certified organic suppliers.

A: Even though our blends have a 24 months shelf life, My Daily Chai is happiest when it’s in your belly. Each bag has a month’s supply of hormone-balancing goodness, so keep it well sealed and enjoy daily.  

We’ll leave you with this quote that Dr. Seuss may or may not have said:

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”


A: My Daily Chai is unsweetened, so you’re in charge of adding as much or as little sweetness as you like.

Our favourite sweeteners include a teaspoon of raw honey, pure maple syrup (not that awful fake stuff in a plastic tube), coconut nectar, organic rice malt syrup or a Medjool date when you’re whizzing up a smoothie. 

A:  Mornings are far too rushed for complicated rituals and ceremonies.  So we’ve created two simple ways to soothe frazzled nerves and nurture your body, while still spoiling your tastebuds.

One is smooth, the other is warm. You can find them on our recipes page, plus a few other chai inspired ideas to try.

Your milk, mylk, melk, milch, mjölk choice comes down to your tastebuds. Our addiction is organic almond milk! Its slightly sweet, nutty flavour is the perfect compliment to My Daily Chai spiciness. 

Creamy cashew, rich hazelnut, smooth macadamia, sweet coconut…hemp, oat, rice, or flax are all great plant-based options. 

TIP:  When you heat nut milk, go slow as it tends to separate when boiled.

We find that soy and dairy milk tends to overpower the aroma and taste of our blends, so experiment to find your preference.


A: Our packing troupe spends their day stuffing, zipping, wrapping, stamping and drinking My Daily Chai. 

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, bundles of goodness head to the Post Office and begin a 3-5 day mystery adventure. So, from the time of your order, it may take 5-7 days for delivery. 

What about Monday, Wednesday and Friday you ask?  Well, because our packers need to eat, and occasionally sleep, shipping is capped at two days for now.  But we'll let you know when that increases.

A: Some packages are like socks in the washing machine, they disappear and, not even the CIA or Mossad, have a clue where they end up. So we just can’t risk My Daily Chai ending up in the Bermuda Triangle of untraceable packages. Which means if you do miss your date with Postman Pat, just pop into your local Post Office to exchange a signature for your bundle of goodness.


A: Paying for relationships is uncool, so we’re not into that sort of thing. The love of our Chai enthusiasts is consensual, we swear. With every bag sold, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. If My Daily Chai doesn’t delight your tastebuds, send it back for a full refund—our unconditional cranky-free guarantee.

A: One, I recommend Italy’s Amalfi Coast when you run away (can we come too?). Sometimes it takes more than My Daily Chai to cope with irritating family antics. Have you tried beach walks, yoga and a good night’s sleep? 

And two, just return your bag to us, along with your new address for abandonment confirmation (jk), and we’ll process a full refund. Oh, if Italy’s too full of runaway mum’s, France will probably take you.


A: We get it, the internet is a scary place—you're always one click away from sending a selfie to the wrong person. My Daily Chai isn't in stores yet, but we're working on it. So if you're desperate to see our smiling faces, drop us a line and we'll send you deets of a secret rendezvous point in The Tweed, Northern NSW (just south of the Gold Coast, Australia).


A: Cue, happy dance! We’d love to help you spoil your loyal fans. While we don’t yet have a fully fledged My Daily Chai wholesale program up and running, we can do something a little special for you…wink, wink! Just drop us a line at and fill us in on your coolness.


A: That’s not a question. A good idea, though!

A:  OMG yes…”Bitch”!  Meredith Brooks has us nailed:

“I'm a little bit of everything all rolled into one

I’m a bitch, I’m a lover

I’m a child, I’m a mother

I’m a sinner, I’m a saint

I do not feel ashamed

I'm your Hell, I'm your dream

I'm nothing in between

You know you wouldn't want it any other way.”

Giant bear hug to all your personalities.  And for those days you fancy being less bitch and more lover, whip yourself up a mojo-boosting Make My Day blend.