Hi, I'm Tania, founder of @mydailychai. And that's my mum, Heather, laughing at her own jokes! She's also my taste tester when she's not off on another overseas adventure. 

But enough about mum, back to me. You may also know me as the Chief Picniker of the multi-award-winning tourism company @bluegingerpicnics.

Oh, and that dark, hairy guy below is Murphy. An affectionate Spoodle who follows me everywhere.

I LOVE chai, yet I'm often disappointed that so many places serve super-sweet, chemical-laden chai powders and syrups that leave me feeling queazy.

So a few years ago, I started making my own blend to add to my morning smoothie. 

Frozen banana, ice, a handful of nuts, filtered water, a spoonful of my blend, and mornings were sorted.

I discovered it was also delicious in hot almond milk, perfect for chilly mornings.

Then I hit that time of life where my daily fantasy was to run away from home and live in a small country town in Southern France.

Well, Mary Moody did it! If you don't know Mary, she's a former ABC presenter who wrote "Au Revoir: Running Away from Home at Fifty." 

So before I packed my bags and bought a one-way ticket to France, I started researching possible antidotes to help balance my hormones and stabilise my moods.

I discovered that almost every pure ingredient in chai has a multitude of superpower healing properties.

More research uncovered the world of ancient adaptogens, natural medicines that help the body deal with stress.

I then experimented with blends that brought these formidable ingredients together, yet without the sugar, additives and other nasties.

And because I don't actually like the bitter taste of tea (typically the main ingredient in modern chai), I chose to create a caffeine-free blend.

It worked!

Make My Day was born and it literally became My Daily Chai.

A few friends became willing guinea pigs, with one saying "it's the best thing I've ever had in my mouth"! 

Best testimonial ever!

The more I shared my 100% organic blend, the more people started saying, "you should package this up so more people can enjoy it." 


So I did and our online store opened in September 2019.

I'm thrilled to have you here as we open the doors to My Daily Chai and help you balance your hormones. 


Tania xox

PS: I'd love to hear what you think of our blends. Or if you have any ideas, feedback, or thoughts, you want to share.

Just email me at tania (at) my daily chai (no spaces) dot com dot au. Have to do it this weird way to stop annoying bot spamming.


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